Make a Feral Journal

25th and 26th August

Tutor, Adele Outteridge

Two Day Workshop, Welcome for all levels

A journal is a book for recording words and can contain records of travel, recipes, gardening, family events, ideas, memories and much more. Keeping a journal is a very rewarding process, it can, however be a challenge to maintain. A journal will take on its own personality over time. A visual journal is much more than a diary. It can contain words, photos, notes, drawings, collage, newspaper and magazine cuttings, stamps, letters, found objects and much more.

Many people receive or make beautiful journals, only to find themselves unable to use them because they “don’t want to spoil them”. 

In this workshop we shall make a ‘feral’ journal from a variety of papers that are not precious and therefore, more likely to be used. Ways to treat and manipulate pages and covers will be considered, eg folds, pleats, pockets, windows, handles etc etc. Journals will be sewn with a double needle Coptic stitch, which gives attractive lines of chains across the spine. Each participant will produce one or two highly individual personal journals. You may, of course choose to make a journal with beautiful plain paper.


Materials List:

  1. Notebook, pen, pencils, ruler (metal or perspex), eraser.
  2. Scissors, sharp for paper,
  3. Snap-blade knife
  4. Old kitchen knife (not sharp) or cobbler's knife (hardware shops)
  5. Cutting mat or sheet of thick, scrap cardboard,
  6. PVA glue (Aquadhere), water jar, brush (flat, 2cm), rag
  7. Large UHU glue stick,
  8. Awl for piercing holes,
  9. Heavy waxed linen thread (4 or 5 cord), or other strong thread eg. Perle no. 3
  10. There will be waxed linen thread supplied for a small fee.
  11. Tapestry or Chenille needle, size 20 or 22
  12. A few bulldog clips
  13. Cardboard: framers' mount board or grey board (3mm thick)
  14. Stuff to put in your journal:  anything that appeals.
  15. Newspaper or old phone book for gluing on


  1. A3 photocopy or cartridge paper OR 
  2. A selection of different papers, all weights, textured, printed, patterned, plain, eg. photocopies, brown paper, shopping bags, printers' samples, envelopes, wrapping paper, tissue paper, cartridge, Oriental, special papers, hand-made paper, prints, maps, calendars, cards, old drawings or artwork etc. etc.
  3. Several large sheets (56 x 76cm) of water colour or printmaking paper up to 200gsm.
  4. Strong, decorative paper for covering boards 
  5. Newspaper or old phone book for gluing on

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