21st Summer Workshop

Dates: 7th to 25th JANUARY 2018, 9:30am to 4:00pm, Mon to Fri


COST: $1,995, (3 weeks), $1,350, (2 weeks), $695 (1 week)


Summer Workshop

Join us for one, two or three weeks in January for this exciting, intensive multi media workshop run by two internationally recognised artists. The workshop will include printmaking, book arts, drawing, painting and sculpture. Participants may specialise in one medium or work with several. Individual project based work is also encouraged. As the class size will be limited, there will be plenty of flexibility.

Suitable for all levels, no drawing experience needed.


This workshop will cover intaglio and relief printing techniques. These will include line, aquatint, sugarlift, drypoint, engraving, mezzotint, embossing and collagraph using copper, zinc, acrylic or board plates.

Multiple plate and viscosity colour printing will also be covered. Participants will design personal artists' stamps. Participants may choose a theme or personal experience, photographs or drawings as a source of inspiration. 

Book Arts

Participants will be introduced to the book arts through several binding techniques for making single and multi section books with soft and hard covers including Concertina, Coptic, Single sheet Coptic, Japanese/Oriental, Drumleaf, Tapes and cords, Longstitch, One, Two and three section sewing, Simple leather binding, Snake books, Celtic weave, Piano hinge, Slot book. 

Other exercises will include making a slip case or clamshell box, and experimenting with surface design (rusting, inks, paints, shellac, dry media etc) to create decorative papers. 

We shall explore the sculptural properties of the book form as well as designing folios and containers for prints, drawings etc. Individual projects will be encouraged.


Using subject matter including interior, landscape, figure, portrait, still life or text, techniques of brush marks, wash, solid paint and glazing (transparent paint) will be explored. Paper, board and canvas will be used as substrate for painting exercises. The aim is to work towards a large painting or series of paintings.

Mixed Media Drawing

A series of exercises on paper using wet and dry media. Collage and found objects may be included. The aim is to produce larger works on good quality paper, canvas or board. Subject matter will include the landscape, figure, still-life and text.

3D Media

Use of acrylic sheet (Perspex), wood, cardboard, paper, soapstone or plaster, also possibly incorporating any of the other media to produce small works in three dimensions. This will include, cutting, joining, manipulation and finish of surfaces.